Hello Guys,

Usualy i wrote in French, but now to give my impressions worldwildly time to switch in English.


I just get out from the VCAP6 DCV Design Beta exam  (3C0-622), i finish it with 45 minutes spares that were really helpfull

Exam was 31 Questions in 275 minutes

  • 9 Designs & 22 Drag and Drops
  • I didn’t see any Master Design like in 5.5, but 3 Designs seems quite heavy
  • The Design was really smooth and I didn’t  met any issues or lags


Advice :
  • Start with the Designs questions and then come back to Drag and drop questions
  • Before to start read the scenario, i advice you to put one of each family cavenas (ex : Storage, VM,…) on the page just to know how to organise them because some times you could miss place. And also to pick the right infos during you scenario reading.
  • Read carefully the scenario and read twice the requirement
  • Try to get some spare time to go back on the designs sometime with the speed you miss important infos, when you came back you will pick up some careless mistakes.
  • For the Drags and drop, going back to the Basis, do a good read of the VCAP5-DCD Official Cert Guide from Paul MacSharry
  • A good Update un vSphere 6



Impression :

I fully agreed with Kim Bottu in his VCAP6 DCD Feedback (

Many questions call back your Designer background, and some of the answers didn’t show up the VMware  white Paper maybe it could be in the page 229 of a topic in VMware communities. Somes times questions are obscures, start by the staff you are sure and flag the question for coming back


Hope I help you, and enjoy your 275 minutes of burning head