I have been thinking about this post from the early beginnings of my NPX / VCDX journey, the whole journey took a bit more time than I had planned for but finally, it’s time.

It’s time to be thankful, recognize all the great help that I received during my journey and I know without the vCommunity it wouldn’t have been possible.

Thanks, first of all to my family for the patience and time they gave me to allow me to work on the documentation, the mocks and travel, helping me through the lows of failing and the highs of passing.

My second thanks is for Igor Zecevic @zecevicigor ‏, my partner in crime as we did a joint submission, I owe a great deal to him as he was a large part of my success.

So now here comes a super large list of people, which helped me in various ways with documentation reviews, mocks, advice, blog posts and many many other things!

I don’t want prioritize them as I believe that would be unfair, I mean people that didn’t even know who I was, were willing to give up their free time to help me in various ways and that is a huge deal!!!!!

Now as you see, a load of people were involved in my 2 year journey in getting to this NPX / VCDX and I hope I am not forgetting anyone, but my success is their success too.

Bilal Ahmed @Dark_KnightUK

ShadyElMalatawey @ShadyMalatawey

Bilel Kammoun  @BILKAM2


Magnus Anderson @magander3

Bas Raayman@BasRaayman

Abdullah @do0dzZZ

Manny Sidhu @MannySidhu2

Brett Guarino @Brett_Guarino(before being on panelist path)

Gregg Robertson @GreggRobertson5

Dominik Zorgnotti @vDominikZ(before being on panelist path)

Per Thorn @per_thorn

Jason Gierson @JasonTweet7889

Rebecca Fitzhugh @RebeccaFitzhugh 

Ramandeep Singh @rdsinghc

Sylvain Huguet @vshuguet

Alexandre Arrive @aArriveCornec

Gatien GHEZA @GatienGHEZA

Damien Raynal @DamRay

Kalen Arndt @kalenarndt

Josh Odgers @josh_odgers

Kiran Reid @Apollokre1d 

Scott Bowe @scottrbowe

Chris Porter @uprightvinyl 

Samuel Rothenbühler @bancswissunique

Nabil RIZK @nabsrizk

Kim Bottu @Kim_Bottu

Paul McSharry @pmcsharry (before being a panelist)

vincenthan @vincenthan 

Brian Suhr @bsuhr 

Sylvain Huguet @vshuguet 

Ben Mayer @benediktmayer

Paul Meehan @PaulPMeehan

Simon Long @SimonLong_ 

Eric Fourn @Efourn 

René van den Bedem @vcdx133

Mohammed Salem @vmSalem 

Mike Brown @VirtuallyMikeB

Timo Sugliani @tsugliani 

Simon Z @RockingKeats

Anton Davidovskiy @adavidovskiy